HybridForms: Overview of features

HybridForms: Overview of features

HybridForms is a powerful mobile business form software for teams with clients for Windows, Android, iOS and Web App. Use SharePoint Server on premises or the cloud for pre-populated forms and data shared with 3rd party systems.

Our customers save time and reduce risks by replacing paper forms with an easy-to-use digital form app on mobile devices. With full offline operation and automated sync, camera images including annotations and authentic handwritten signatures. Avoid delays and improve data quality. Benefit from ROI within weeks – become paperless successfully.

End-to-end digital

Software for mobile business forms, no more retyping of paper forms anymore

Multi-platform app

Cross-platform, flexible mix of devices and OS – Android, iOS, Windows and Web App

Online and offline

Seamless switch between online and offline mode with automated data synchronization

Biometric signatures

Authentic data of handwritten signatures are recorded and securely encrypted

High mobile usability

Easy to use and highly intuitive, optimized for work on-site and in the field

Responsive design

Optimized usability for all device classes, orientations and screen sizes – phone, tablet, laptop, desktop

OCR text recognition

Integration of Anyline for mobile recognition of ID cards with smartphone and tablet – scanning instead of typing

Collaboration for teams

Data collection and collaboration for distributed teams, field and back-office staff

Photos and image files

Capture photos with an internal camera or upload files, with date and time of capture

Geotagging for photos

Geographical coordinates/ location of photos, showing the recording location on a map

Freehand sketches

Create drawings and sketches in different colors and on background grids with a stylus


Add colored annotations and notes directly on photos and graphics with a stylus

Ink with text recognition

Write text in handwriting with pen (depending on device), text recognition via OCR

Status of mandatory fields

Clear labelling of all mandatory fields with status icon and display of still empty fields

Automated calculations

Numerical calculations for prices, duration, quantities, age, etc. for two or more fields

Verification of entries

Validation of the entered data, plausibility checks, filling aids and error checking

Skype integration

Skype calls to specified phone numbers directly from the form, activation via button


Call up the route planner for specified addresses directly from the form, activation via button

Pre-filled forms

Form automation with pre-filled fields and data from third-party systems and legacy systems

PDF export

Export of completed forms as printable PDF files, optionally digitally signed or anonymized

Evaluate data

Informed decisions through real-time analyses and visual evaluations with Business Intelligence (BI) / Excel

Active directory

Real AD/ADFS users for forms and all database integrations such as catalogs or live queries

Assign forms

Assign selected forms to a specific group or user for editing

Cognitive services vision

Objects and faces on photos are automatically recognized, analyzed and tagged with Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision

Cognitive services speech

Voice recordings are automatically transcribed with Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech

Secure data

Automated data synchronization with SSL/TSL encryption for optimal security


Currently available in four language versions – English, German, Italian, French – can be extended as required

HybridForms Kiosk

Data collection with browser without Active Directory user registration, form call via Secure Web Link

Customized templates

Create new form templates with HybridForms Designer, quickly and easily with drag & drop

Third-party systems

Data exchange with existing third-party systems such as CRM, SAP, ERP, Case Management … via XML/XSLT

On premises or cloud

Secure central data platform with your own SharePoint Server or Office 365 in the Cloud

Replacement for InfoPath

HybridForms as a replacement for Microsoft InfoPath, with integration into workflow systems of your choice

For all industries

Universal solution for forms, protocols and checklists in various industries

HybridForms Server for SQL

Microsoft SQL for back-end servers, business logic and workflows for rapid deployment


HybridForms: Videos

Mobile forms with HybridForms in interviews, application scenarios and video tutorials. To the video portal ›

Free trial

HybridForms: Free trial

Test the HybridForms Demo App free of charge – for Android, iOS and Windows. Test now for free ›

Proof of Concept (PoC)

HybridForms: Proof of Concept (PoC)

Test HybridForms with your own forms, optionally also integrated into your systems. More about the PoC ›