Schaeppi Grundstücke: Change of Tenant Forms, Property Status Reports

  • Digital forms with photo documentation and signatures

  • Evidential documentation of defects

  • Automated reports

Schaeppi logs tenant changeovers and documents the condition of rental properties in reports using HybridForms: On site data entry on Windows tablets, interfaces to/from the ERP system, SQL Server 2014 reporting services.

HybridForms and mobile forms in property management applications

The company’s field staff completes most of the forms on location at the rental properties – frequently without an Internet connection. Employees enter the data into mobile tablets, add photos, drawings, voice memos and maps to the documentation. The data is instantly shared with third party systems, such as ERP solutions. The result: Faster and more efficient processes.

About Schaeppi Grundstücke

The family-owned and operated company has been providing real estate related services for more than 80 years. Schaeppi Grundstücke works for individual homeowners, private and institutional investors as well as tenants.

Headquartered in Zurich, the enterprise also has branch offices in Basel and St. Gallen.

Schaeppi Grundstücke’s clientele consists of approximately 250 institutional real estate owners, 130 condominium owners’ associations and more than 600 private individuals.

Photos & drawings

  • Take photos instantly with the tablet’s built-in camera
  • Add mark-ups in different colors directly to photos
  • Use the drawing tool to create your own freehand sketches

Multimedia content: Added value thanks to photos, sketches and voice memos

Biometric signatures

  • All parties involved sign the forms in their own hand
  • The system archives the biometric parameters
  • The signatures are authentic and legally binding

Signatures captured right on the tablet: Preserves the evidential value of the documentation

Automation & interfaces

  • Interfaces from/to the in-house ERP system
  • Form automation: Complete fields from the ERP system ahead of time
  • Automatic reporting using the SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services

Data sharing with third party systems: Integral workflow

Adrian Gonzalez, Schaeppi Grundstücke

»HybridForms digitalizes all tenant change data on location. The electronic form replaces the hard copy paper version we used in the past. Hence, damages can be recorded right away and the information can be made instantly available on our in-house system and to everyone involved. Even before they are used, the forms are filled using data from our system. The application of standards enables me to generate my own workflows and to continue to utilize the required data.«

Adrian Gonzalez, Head of Information Technology, Schaeppi Grundstücke
Logo Schaeppi Grundstücke
Digital transformation at Schaeppi Real Estate

Mobile forms in real estate management:
Consistent digital workflow, more efficient processes

HybridForms Designer

Generating custom form templates

  • Create custom tailored templates in the HybridForms Designer using drag & drop

  • Integrate data from third party systems, automatically prefill defined fields in forms

HybridForms: Management of change of tenants

Work in online or offline mode

  • Field staff records data on site on mobile devices – with and without Internet connections
  • Universal Windows App and Microsoft Continuum – use on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

HybridForms: Management of change of tenants

Send and archive documents as PDF files

  • Also send completed forms as PDF documents via e-mail

  • PDF files can be archived in any DMS (optionally with digital signatures or after conversion into an anonymous file)

HybridForms in property management

Replace hard copy paper forms with consistent digital processes and check lists. The digitalization and mobilization will accelerate your processes; make them more efficient and transparent.

The system achieves all of that while paying for itself in just a few months thanks to the reduction of unnecessary administrative work of more than 10% per annum.

Mobile forms with HybridForms

Meets the needs of companies: Intelligent, process-driven data collection for teams of ten or more.
Fully functional offline, authentic handwritten signatures. HybridForms uses SharePoint Server or Office 365 and a cross-platform mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows 10 as well as a web app for HTML5 browsers for your back office (also as a replacement for InfoPath).