HybridForms at a glance

HybridForms: Product overview

HybridForms is a professional multi-platform solution for all operating systems and on all devices – Windows, Android, iOS and Web. The advantage: companies can use the system for mobile data capture and form-based workflows across platforms, even in a mix of different devices and different operating systems.


HybridForms: Overview of features

Professional functions for optimized mobility – across platforms. To overview of features ›

Offline and online mode

HybridForms: Offline and online mode

Seamless switch between online and offline mode with automatic sync. More about the Offline App ›

Authentic signatures

HybridForms: Authentic signatures

Sign forms directly on the tablet with a stylus, with time stamp and metadata. More on this ›

OCR text recognition

HybridForms: OCR text recognition wit Anyline

Scanning instead of typing: integration of Anyline for mobile recognition of ID cards. More about Anyline ›

Free trial

HybridForms: Free trial

Test the HybridForms Demo App free of charge – for Android, iOS and Windows. Test now for free ›

Proof of Concept (PoC)

HybridForms: Proof of Concept

Test HybridForms with your own forms, optionally also integrated into your systems. More about the PoC ›


HybridForms: Videos

Mobile forms with HybridForms in interviews, application scenarios and video tutorials. To the video portal ›