Success story: Spital STS AG

Spital STS AG: Digitally documented patient information
Digital protocols, signatures and archives

Spital STS AG documents discussions with patients and their consent with HybridForms: Data is digitally recorded and legally confirmed by means of Windows tablets at the care facilities.

HybridForms and digital forms in medicine

Recording medical data on-the spot with tablets and thus immediately integrating it into clinical and administrative processes saves time and improves security, transparency and efficiency.
Recording data digitally is faster than using paper and the data is immediately available for further processing – digitalization reduces risks.

About Spital STS AG

As the regional hospital center, Spital STS (Simmental – Thun – Saanenland) AG provides health care at the hospitals of Thun and Zweisimmen (Switzerland) to a resident population of roughly 130,000 and to tourists in the region.

Over 1,700 employees care for patients, round the clock.

Approximately 16,000 in-patients and 190,000 out-patients receive medical care every year.

Biometric signatures

  • Patients and doctors sign the forms by hand
  • Biometric criteria such as pressure level is recorded
  • Legally-binding consent and documentation

Legally-admissible documentation: Authentic data

Digital workflow

  • Process of patient information is digital from end to end
  • Data input and processing will be accelerated
  • Generation of PDF/A documents for archiving

Optimized processes: More time for the patients

User-friendly design

  • Forms can be completed intuitively, without any instructions
  • Medical notes can be entered directly in the form
  • Optimal, clear presentation and design of forms

Intuitive use: Easy handling of tablet and form

Marc Oertle, Spital STS AG
»HybridForms helps us to take another step on the way to becoming a paperless hospital.«
Dr Marc Oertle, Senior doctor of medicine and medical informatics at Thun Hospital, Spital STS AG
Joel Stampfli - Spital STS AG
»HybridForms simplifies the process of patient interaction and the patient’s consent to examination. Traditional paper documentation will be replaced by electronic forms, because these are readily available anywhere. The forms can be pre-filled with HIS data to prevent errors and accelerate procedure. The intuitive app allows anyone to use HybridForms without any training.«
Joël Stampfli, Medical informatics at Thun Hospital, Spital STS AG
Spital STS: Digital transformation with HybridForms

Digital documentation in medicine:
Accelerates processes and reduces risks

HybridForms Designer

Create customized digital templates

  • Create custom templates for forms with HybridForms Designer
  • Data can be integrated from external systems such as a HIS and form fields can be pre-filled
HybridForms: Offline function

Completing forms offline

  • Record data using the HybridForms App

  • With a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – reliably online and offline
HybridForms SharePoint

Stores data instantly and securely

  • Secure Microsoft SharePoint 2013 centralized data platform
  • Automatic data synchronisation with SSL/TSL encryption

Benefits of HybridForms in healthcare

Medical staff has more time for its core responsibilities, data is available faster and more readily, and the incidence of errors is reduced by transparent, consistently comprehensive documentation.

HybridForms offers all this and pays for itself in just a few months by reducing unnecessary administrative work by over 10% a year.

Mobile forms with HybridForms

Meets the needs of companies: Intelligent, process-driven data collection for teams of ten or more.
Fully functional offline, authentic handwritten signatures. HybridForms uses SharePoint Server or Office 365 and a cross-platform mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows 10 as well as a web app for HTML5 browsers for your back office (also as a replacement for InfoPath).